Land Cruiser Double Cab GZ Midrange Aluminium Canopy 79 Series

From R31,999.00

GZ Canopies – Mid Range Aluminium Canopy
White frame with smooth charcoal doors & roof
Made entirely from aluminium
Frame colour choices: white, black, silver & charcoal
Doors and roof colour choices: white, black, silver & charcoal
Doors and roof available in tread or smooth
Accessories can be fitted to this canopy before or after fitment
Average weight of 50kg with no accessories fitted
Fixed toughened glass windows front and back
Three pop up doors with 6 locks, all keyed alike

  • Powder coated aluminum frame in white/black/silver/charcoal
  • Powder coated roof and doors in white/black/silver/charcoal
  • Smooth or tread panels
  • Fixed toughened windows front and back
  • Tinted rear window
  • Pressure equaliser vent
  • One key opens all locks ( keyed alike)
  • Two gas stays per door
  • 50 kg overall weight (double cabs)
  • Over 500kg rooftop carrying capacity
  • All aluminium frame roof and doors
  • Seamless waterproof hinges
  • All bolts use nyloc nuts
  • No rivets are used
  • Accessories can be added at a later stage
  • Roof of canopy is level with vehicle roof
  • Dust and water tight
  • All parts and panels are CNC laser cut which makes it easy to replace parts if they ever get damaged

All canopies are fitted with 6 x adjustable powder coated mounting brackets with no drilling required

Easy to fit and remove your canopy using 2 x 13mm spanners and 1 x 17mm spanner


The Land Cruiser stands as a beacon of rugged dependability, embodying the spirit of adventure for enthusiasts worldwide. Now, with the introduction of the GZ Midrange Aluminium Canopy, your Land Cruiser ventures are poised to reach unprecedented levels of versatility and functionality. Merging robust construction with intelligent design, this canopy is tailored to enhance every aspect of your outdoor expeditions.

Exploring the Features: Crafted to seamlessly complement the Land Cruiser’s iconic design, the GZ Midrange Aluminium Canopy is a testament to meticulous engineering and premium materials. Fashioned from lightweight yet durable aluminium, this canopy strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility. Its streamlined profile not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics but also minimizes wind resistance, contributing to improved fuel efficiency during your travels.

Versatility is paramount for adventurers, and the GZ Midrange Canopy delivers on all fronts. Whether you’re gearing up for an extended off-road excursion, organizing gear for a weekend camping trip, or requiring additional storage for outdoor equipment, this canopy is designed to accommodate your every need. Boasting a spacious interior and customizable storage configurations, it ensures that your essentials are securely stowed and readily accessible throughout your journey.

Ease of access is a hallmark feature of the GZ Midrange Canopy, enhancing convenience and efficiency on the go. Equipped with strategically positioned lift-up side windows and a rear door with gas strut assistance, retrieving your gear has never been simpler. Bid farewell to cumbersome loading processes and embrace seamless accessibility, allowing you to focus on the adventure at hand without unnecessary hassle.

Safety and security are paramount considerations for any outdoor excursion, and the GZ Midrange Canopy is engineered with these principles in mind. Featuring a robust central locking system, it offers unparalleled peace of mind, safeguarding your valuables against unauthorized access. Additionally, tinted windows provide enhanced privacy and protection from the sun’s harsh rays, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for you and your fellow travelers.

Durability is a cornerstone of the GZ Midrange Canopy’s design, enabling it to withstand the rigors of off-road exploration with unwavering resilience. Whether navigating rocky trails or traversing challenging terrain, you can trust in the canopy’s corrosion-resistant construction to endure the harshest conditions nature can muster. With its enduring durability and low-maintenance requirements, it serves as a reliable companion for countless adventures to come.

Conclusion: In summary, the GZ Midrange Aluminium Canopy stands as a testament to innovation and quality craftsmanship, elevating your Land Cruiser experience to unprecedented heights. With its seamless integration, versatile functionality, and unwavering durability, it represents the epitome of excellence in outdoor exploration. Prepare to embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that the GZ Midrange Canopy is your trusted companion for the journey ahead. Experience the difference today and unlock new realms of possibility with your Land Cruiser and the GZ Midrange Canopy.

Additional information

Frame Colour

White, Black, Charcoal, Silver, Colour Match

Door Colour

White, Black, Charcoal, Silver

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