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The Best of the Best: Rhinoman Cab vs Rhinoman Lite

Whatever your lifestyle – be it off-roading on rugged, mountainous terrain or running a successful turnkey business in the city, or wild camping on a bush getaway, or an active sportsman carting gear across the country – we understand that choosing a suitable bakkie canopy takes time and consideration. Rhinoman Canopies have been developed by manufacturers with over 10 years in the engineering industry, making them some of the toughest aluminium canopy ranges on the market, which is probably why they’ll probably make it to the top of your shortlist.

Rhinoman’s entire range of canopies and 4×4 accessories are manufactured to the same standards, which makes our lives – and yours – a lot easier when considering which cab might be “better quality”. Simply put, there is no “better, or worse, quality”. They are all exceptional, and so all you need to do is choose what you like, and what works best for you.


What You Get with Both Rhinoman Canopies

The Rhinoman Cab and Rhinoman Lite canopies are available for most commercial bakkies sold in South Africa. Both canopies offer durability and functionality, and high-quality finishes.

Manufacturing Quality

Both Rhinoman canopies are manufactured using automotive-grade aluminium, making them as tough as your vehicle, if not tougher. Rhinoman Cab and Rhinoman Lite canopies have been produced using the latest CAD technology and cut to precision with CNC machines. Because welding aluminium can be tricky, the canopies are welded using a zero-tolerance jig so that no warping or contorting takes place during the process.

Strength and Durability

The Rhinoman canopies are robust and designed to hold up under the weight of rooftop loads. Both the Rhinoman Cab and Rhinoman Lite can take a loading capacity of 250kg, officially, although they can withstand significantly higher weights. This means that your roof rack will be put to great use. Whether you’re trekking goods around the suburbs or setting up a rooftop tent in the wild, your canopy won’t let you down.

Paint Her Pretty with Powdercoat

The Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite are both powder-coated for a high-quality, gorgeous finish. They come in six standard colours, with the option to select colour variations on different panels. For example, you may want a black canopy, with grey gull-wing doors. The standard colour options are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Dark Grey
  • Grey
  • Light Grey


Rhinoman canopies can also be colour-matched if you want your canopy to be the same colour as your bakkie, even if you want a metallic or pearl finish. Colour matching does come at an additional cost and the waiting period for our canopy installation will be much longer.

Standard Features

Both the Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite enjoy the same set of functional features so that whichever canopy you choose, you get the same practicality and quality.

Both canopies come fitted with full roof rails so that you can install your roof rack or rooftop tent and get to work or play immediately. Solid waterproof hinges ensure that your canopy can withstand the elements of Mother Nature and wear-and-tear for years to come. The Rhinoman canopies have toughened rear glass, keeping the load in your bakkie bin stays safe and secure. All Rhinoman canopies offer key-alike locks so that you’re not fumbling with a set of keys in the parking lot.

Both canopies boast gull-wing side doors which are not only stylish but practical. Access your bin contents with ease and comfort or use the gull-wing door to cast a spot of shade when stopping to take in the view on your next wilderness jaunt.

In summary, both canopies offer the following as standard features:

  • Full roof rails pre-fitted
  • Solid waterproof hinges
  • Toughened rear glass
  • Stylish gull-wing side doors
  • Convenient key-alike locks


In addition, both the Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite offer ample room to install a range of 4×4 accessories, such as kitchen units, utility boxes and bin drawers.


Rhino Cab vs Rhino Lite: So what’s the difference?

So, if the Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite offer the same quality and functionality all around, what is the difference?

Rhino Lite

The Rhino Lite canopy is the same height as your bakkie cab. This gives your vehicle a sleek look that many prefer, especially for an urban use bakkie. Because the canopy isn’t as tall, it also has a squarish “boxy” frame.

Rhino Cab

The Rhino Cab roof sits 40mm higher than your bakkie cab. Although a minimal difference really, this changes the look of the cab entirely and offers just a little more headroom inside the canopy. The 40mm difference also allows for more rounded frame corners for a softer, more streamlined look.


Just 4 centimetres

Basically, that’s it – the difference between the Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite is just 4 centimetres. If maximising canopy space is not an issue for you, and you’ve measured that your garage door height accommodates the canopy that makes the most sense for your lifestyle, there’s no reason for you not to choose the canopy that you just love at first sight.

If you’d like to talk about choosing a Rhinoman canopy or personalizing your Rhino Lite or Rhino Cab with custom paintwork or 4×4 accessories, get in touch with us by chat, WhatsApp, email or phone.

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