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Why Choose A Rhinoman Canopy

Why Choose A Rhinoman Canopy - Sheer Gear - Rhino Canopies

Six Solid Reasons to Choose a Rhinoman Canopy

Bakkies and braais are a way of life in South Africa, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a wide range of bakkie canopies and 4×4 accessories on the market. With canopies manufactured to all sizes and specs, from fibreglass, steel and stainless steel. and aluminium, consumers are bombarded with options, facts and online reviews.

We are, of course, biased toward the high-grade aluminium Rhinoman canopy range – but with good reason. We’d like to tell you why you should buy a Rhinoman Canopy for your bakkie.


Rhinoman Canopies are High Quality

Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite canopies are manufactured from automotive-grade aluminium, which means it’s a durable, high-quality alloy that will be as strong as your vehicle, if not stronger. Having come from more than 10 years in engineering, Rhinoman has designed their canopies to address all the flaws and shortcomings of older canopy brands and keep on innovating and raising the bar.

Competing products in stainless steel do boast great strength, but since steel lacks the resilience of aluminium alloys, they are prone to cracking under extreme conditions. On the other hand, in the unlikely event of a Rhinoman canopy cracking within two years of installation, Rhinoman will fix or replace the canopy at no cost to the bakkie owner.


Rhinoman Canopies are Lightweight

Both the Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite weigh in at a modest 65kg, making it light to install and placing minimal extra weight on your bakkie. We compare this with stainless steel and fibreglass canopies, which weigh anything between 85kg and over 100kg. These require more than two people to install or remove, and add significant weight to your bakkie load.

The reason for this is that aluminium weighs one-third of stainless steel. To build strength in the Rhinoman canopies, they are manufactured slightly thicker than steel, but even so, remain far lighter.


Rhinoman Canopies are Weather and Dust Resistant

Rhinoman have refined and near-perfected canopy sealing. The gullwing doors and rear door open using full-length, oil-free nylon hinges, which are smooth and silent and offer a seamless exterior when the doors are shut. As a standard feature on all Rhinoman canopies, the bearing surfaces offer insulation where the hatches close with seals, as does a positive-pressure air vent built into the centre of the roof.

This well-thought-out design makes it alarmingly effective in keeping dust out of your canopy, and one that can be even further advanced by installing an optional dust proof  kit if you travel on particularly gritty roads often. Rhinoman’s solid waterproof hinges also offer protection against the elements of nature, keeping your bin load dry during wet weather. While most other canopies drip water into the bin when the canopy is opened, the Rhinoman canopy is designed to channel water down the exterior.

Rhinoman Canopies are Easily Customizable

Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite canopies come in six standard powder coat colours: black, white, sand, and three tones of grey. From these neutral colours, you could pair a Rhino canopy with just about any colour vehicle and it would look pretty swanky.

Your canopy can even be customized using two different tones on the canopy frame and the doors.

However, if you’d love to see your canopy in the same colour as your vehicle, it can be colour matched using your VIN number, at an additional cost. Colour matching can is applied in a high-quality spraypaint finish, metallic finish and even pearlescent shine. Custom colour matching will add time to your order delivery but can be worth the wait.

Rhinoman Canopies are ideal for 4×4 Accessories

Rhino Cab and Rhino Lite canopies are both excellent hosts for 4×4 and offroading accessories. While older models of the Rhino Lite were limited in what could be installed, such as the gullwing kitchen unit, this has been resolved on the newer model and both canopies now offer the same accessory capabilities. This means that whether you choose the Rhino Lite or the Rhino Cab, you can install kitchen units, bin drawers, tool kits, roof racks and clamshell tents, with ease, for the ultimate 4×4, camping and road-tripping bakkie.

Rhinoman Canopy Fitment is a Breeze (and free at Sheer Gear)

Your Rhinoman canopy fitment shouldn’t take more than two hours. Bring your laptop or a book, and give the fitment team two hours with your bakkie. Usually worth between R500 and R1000, Sheer Gear will conduct your fitment free of charge, with a Rhinoman 2-year warranty on the canopy and the fitment.



Your Bakkie is Your Baby

As a nation, we are typically passionate about our bakkies and 4×4 vehicles, as we spend so much time in the outdoors, traversing and interacting with nature. We also have a large population of turnkey and artisanal specialists who rely on their bakkie for work on a day to day basis. Owning a bakkie is a way of life for many, and we understand that your bakkie is your baby.

It makes sense that if you’re looking for a bakkie canopy, whether for work or for leisure, you’ll want to install the best designed, the highest quality, accessory-capable, and the sexiest canopy that you can find and afford. These are the very reasons why we recommend our clients to buy a Rhinoman canopy.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of owning a Rhinoman, or if you’d like to take advantage of our free canopy fitment, get in touch with us directly via the chatbox below. You can call, WhatsApp or email us at any time – we’re excited to help you pick the right canopy for your vehicle and your lifestyle.

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